Virtual Nurses

Hire Find My Nurse for any length of time to serve your organization for any amount of time. Our services are of value to a wide amount of settings, including independent doctor's offices, hospitals, insurance companiesContact Us Today!

For Doctors

Our online nurses can help you with the patient intake process, health coaching and education using interactive videos, pre- and post-discharge instructions, help with compliance and follow protocols established by you. Run a lean office with flexible, on-demand quality nursing staff who can speak multiple languages with varied experience and specialties.     Learn more

For Hospitals / Administrators

Our Online nurses can help you with decreasing readmissions by improving patient engagement and compliance. Our nurses can empower your patients through video-based health coaching and education, and are avaialble to work within your specified protocols.    Learn more

For Corporations & Self-Insured Employers

Decrease employee sick time by providing them easy access to healthcare from the comfort of the office. Our online nurses can engage your employees one-on-one by providing video-based health coaching and education. Our service can also help you to attract and retain qualified employees by providing them with convenient healthcare options.     Learn more

Who We Are

We are Health Innovators

We are a group of healthcare and technology enthusiasts with a passion for innovation. We believe that access to quality healthcare is our new inalienable right. We see things very differently, we question the status quo. We are passionate about finding creative solutions that help reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, improve the quality of care thereby making healthcare affordable and accessible to all.

What We Do

We make access to Healthcare easy.

  • Doctors: Nurses can work for you remotely on your terms. (Flexible staffing solution)
  • Hospitals: Predicting Nurse staffing needs can be tough, let us be your plan B.
  • Insurance: We increase your bottom line by working with your high risk patients to decrease readmissions.
  • Self Insured Employer: Decrease sick days and increase productivity.
  • Pharma: We increase your bottom line by improving medication compliance.

What People Are Saying

Find My Nurse is easy to adopt.

  • "Flexible working hours, no boss, work from home, I love it!"

    Cassandra Gendrolis, Registered Nurse
  • "Part time job to make extra cash on evenings and weekends"

    Claire Denatale, Registered Nurse.